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Brentwood is a city in the Contra Costa region of the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California. The growing city has an estimated population of around 51,300 and is ranked the fourth largest in the county. The growth of the city has been attributed to an influx of large companies moving retail stores to the area.
The economic picture of Brentwood revolves around several large companies. Many big big retailers have recent aligned themselves with the city to build a larger community for job seekers to take advantage of. While agriculture remains a steady business, it has started to see a downturn with the introduction of big box retailers. Some of the larger companies that have created new options in the area include Trader Joe's, Home Depot, Target, Kohl's, Barnes & Noble, and many more as late as 2008. Despite the great deal of options for job seekers to explore, the unemployment rate of Brentwood is around 8%.

Office Space Rates:

Office space and retail space abound in the area, with a great amount of commercial development being made in the commercial sectors in the last decade. The city of Brentwood has many options for entrepreneurs of all types to explore. In a recent survey of open spaces the area had many large spaces for $1 a square foot for 1,000 square feet and more. Meanwhile, many options for retail space started at around $700 a month for medium size spaces in prime locales. Many factors change the prices, but appear to be on par with many larger cities.

The climate of the area is similar to that of most areas in the San Francisco Bay. The area has mild to temperate weather throughout the summer months and a wet winter with lots of precipitation moving through due to the close proximity to bodies of water.