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News/ Economy/ Rates:

Burbank is a city located in the Los Angeles County region of the state of California. Located roughly 12 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles, it is a growing and bustling part of the greater metropolitan area. The estimated population of the city is 107,921 and centers around both a major downtown area and a more suburban residential area.
The economic picture of Burbank is diverse, much like many large scale parts of the greater Los Angeles area, the city relies heavily on key entertainment industries and education. Major companies in the area include several large production companies. Some of the larger employers in the area include, ABC, DIC Entertainment, NBC, Warner Bros, Insomniac Games, and The Walt Disney Company. Despite a great deal of employment options for job seekers of all backgrounds to explore, the unemployment rate of the city is at 6%, which is lower than the national average.

Burbank CA Commercial Office Space Rental Prices:

For those looking for office space and retail space in the city, there are a great deal of options to explore. A recent survey of vacancies featured many small offices starting at around $400 a month. Meanwhile, larger retail spaces in prime locations were around $1.50 a square foot for 1,000 square feet and more. There is a plethora of options to explore in and around the Burbank area, including several options within the Downtown Los Angeles center.

Floorplan Options:

Unless you are going to rent a virtual office, it won't matter if you are leasing a temporary unit, an entire building, or just a private executive suite, you still need to consider the office floorplan. So ome basic ideas are do you need a bullpen layout for a call center, or maybe you want conventional design for a medical office or law firm? Of course you also need to decide f you want to lease a place that is furnished, or will you buy or rent furniture. Cubicles and office workstations for example can be rented, but you must decide early when planning your move in date. The interior of any office can be customized to hold 1, 10, 50, or even 100 employees, but the umber of employees really does matter when you start thinking about bathrooms, parking, etc.

The climate of Burbank is favorable and similar to that of Southern California as a whole. The area receives a good amount of sunshine, with many consecutive sunny days, and is not prone to extreme weather, or snowfall.
The political movements in the area range from conservative to liberal, and the area is known for its political voice, alongside the democratic party movements in the greater Los Angeles area.