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The city of Orange is located in the Southern California region of Orange County. The area is roughly 3 miles away from the center of Santa Ana. It is noted that the area has preserved a great deal of homes built long ago, many of which prior to 1920, and the area continues to preserve them for historical reference. The estimated population of the city is roughly 141,634.


The economy of Orange relies heavily on the greater Orange County area. Being in close proximity to the greater Orange County area, many are employed to large companies. Some of the larger companies in the greater county and cities include, ARCO, Beckman Coulter, Black Label Skateboards, Golden Spoon, ECRATER, Dinamation, Hall Research, Blue California, ARCO and many more. Despite a great deal of diversity in and around the outer regions of Orange, the city continues to grow in terms economics. The unemployment rate of the city of Orange is 5.3%, which is lower than the national average. These big companies have secured long term deals on office space in Orange which has helped keep rental prices above average.

Office Space Rates:

Office spaces and warehouse space in and around the Orange, California area abounds in a variety of sectors. The city continues to develop throughout different sectors. In a recent survey of available options, office space started at around $550 - $700 a month for a variety of spaces and different amenities, meanwhile, much larger options abounded with prices starting around $1.50 - $3.50 a square foot for 1,000 square feet and more. Finding a suitable office space in Orange California can be a big task, so contact us and let us help.  We work with commercial properties that offer serviced office suites, temporary spaces, furnished executive suites, and a variety of larger office buildings.  Some of the local zip codes in Orange that we work with are 92856, 92857, 92859, 92862, 92863, 92864, 92865, 92866, 92867, 92868, and 92869.  Rental prices are at an all time low for commercial office spaces in Orange.  Some of the other Southern California cities that we provide office space in are Fullerton, Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach.

Office Floor Plan:

No matter if you are a marketing firm, medical office, cpa, professional financial or mortgage company, insurance or real estate agent, you will need to plan ahead and decide on what floor plan or office layout you need to handle your employees.  How many square feet are you gonna need to lease.  When renting an office space, bills can add quickly (power, water, etc.) so the larger space you rent, the higher your monthly overhead is going to be.

Orange CA Airports:

The climate of Orange CA is much like other parts of Southern California with a lot of warmth, sunshine, and moderate temperatures that are usually around 70-85 degrees. There are few extreme points of weather, and much of the climate is pleasant. For those companies that have to meet with clients who travel, you will want to make notice of the Long Beach Airport, LAX, and John Wayne Intl.