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Walnut Creek CA Commercial Office Space Rentals:

The city of Walnut Creek is located in the northern part of the state of California. It is roughly 16 miles away from the city of Oakland and is in the greater San Francisco Bay area. The city has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, and has an estimated population of around 65,384.


The city relies heavily on different industries, and viable options for job seekers of all types. The area is interesting in that it has a lot of open space per capita than most of the cities in the state of California. With a great deal of undeveloped land, the area has seen a surge in recent years as commercial and residential development has become the primary economic push. The unemployment rate of the city is at around 6%, which is only slightly lower than the national average. Some of the companies in and around the area include, Avendeo Consulting, 741 Studios, Cjh Solutions, and many others. The area has both large scale and private employers, but lacks high corporations that the greater San Francisco bay area possesses.

Office Space Rates:

Office space and retail space exists in the Walnut Creek area with a great deal of options starting at favorable prices. With a continual string of development in the area it is no wonder that many options start at around the national average in terms of prices. In a recent survey of options, small office space started at around $550 a month, while larger retail space started at around $1 - $3 a square foot for 1,000 square feet and beyond. If you have 10 or 50 employees it's still a good idea to rent or lease a Walnut Creek office space to ensure your ability to grow. We have office listings that offer monthly lease terms, temporary spaces, and even 12 and 24 month options. Leasing a larger office suite (or building) is another option and we have some above average deals in Walnut Creek - we even have private executive suites available that have conference rooms, shared spaces, and tons of amenities. You can find cheap office space rentals, but you don't want to cheap out if it's going to affect your business. You also want to discuss what type of office floor plan you need, like a call center layout, or a bullpen (really depends on if you are a law firm, tech company, mortgage and finance, insurance or real estate agent, etc.). The local zip codes in Walnut Creek are 94595, 94596, 94597, and 94598.  We also service office space and commercial properties in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Sacramento.

The climate of Walnut Creek is warm and moderate. There are few extreme weather patterns and  the winter months do not usher in snowfall. The local airports that companies would use in the area are the San Francisco and Oakland airport